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Lawn Care Services

Lawn Services

We are a flexible, customer friendly business, that prides itself on being able to deliver quality, efficient work to clients in the Halifax area at a fair and resonable price. Everything from Spring/Fall clean-ups, aeration, lime and fertilizer applications to lawn mowing. All our services are priced with your pocketbook in mind and of course all our estimates are free.

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Halifax winters can leave your yard with dead twings, leaves and other debris in your flower beds. Let the KM Property Services' team get your yard ready for the new growth of the coming Spring with an extensive clean up. After the clean up we will be happy to remove the yard waste and debris.

What is core aeration? The best thing you can do for your lawn. Core aeration is the mechanical removal of cores of soil using an aeration machine.

Aeration allows your lawn to breath. By pulling the cores from your lawn, thatch which builds up each year can be broken up and decompose back into your lawn's soil.

Lawns can compact causing root growth close to the surface. Aeration opens up your soil so that water, fertilizers, and air penetrate deeper allowing the roots to go deeper into the soil. With deeper roots and better irrigation your lawn is better equipped to tolerate the summer's heat.

An acidic soil can come as a result of alot of rain that washes nutrients, potassium, calcium and magnesium from the soil. If your lawn shows no signs of acidity (grass loses color and does not stand up well) do not lime.

The acidity of the soil can be corrected by using lime which is full of calcium and magnesium. Do not apply lime in heat or drought as you could burn your lawn.

A properly maintained lawn will average 20 - 22 cuts per year. For your first and last lawn mowing of the season, KM Property Services recommends mowing approximately 2.5 inches in height. This helps increase your lawn's thickness, and also helps prevent thatch from building up.

The lawn mower blade height should be increased as summer weather gets hotter. This allows your lawn roots to go deeper. It will also help your lawn to regenerate through photosynthesis. Avoid heavy cutting because it weakens your lawn. Cutting more than 33% of your lawn's height could result in browning in your lawn.

We always mow grass with a sharp blade. Dull blades tear the grass and will increase your lawns susceptibility to diseases. At KM Property Services we sharpen our lawn mowing blades daily to ensure the best cut possible.